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Welcome to the OFFICIAL WEB SITE of the Vtriker Elite. Accept NO substitutes other than the GENUINE Vtriker Elite!

After the massive success of the Vtriker and Vtriker Mini, the bods and scientists at Vtriker Central have been busy in the labs designing the ALL NEW VTRIKER ELITE!. Read on...

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Introducing the BRAND NEW Vtriker Elite!

The Vtriker Elite is the newest and most exciting new toy from Vtriker. Better than the original Vtriker and Vtriker Mini, it's possible to do lots more on the Vtriker Elite, including the AWESOME new Slalom move!

It comes in FOUR different colours - Black, Pink, Blue and Green! ...So whatever your taste, there's a Vtriker Elite for you!

With the unique design of the Vtriker, you have far more than just another scooter. And it's not just another V Shape scooter that moves from side to side - the Vtriker's unique design lets the user simply push their feet together and apart. Your feet stay on the platforms and away the Vtriker goes!

How COOL is the Vtriker Elite?

It's mega cool - and that's hard to beat! Unlike normal scooters, you don't need your feet on the ground to push. Why sit inside on a games console all day, when you can be out impressing your mates and joining the Vtriker Elite?!

Is the Vtriker Elite the BEST PRESENT EVER?

We all know an active child is an happy child. The Vtriker Elite is a brilliant gift for children, so don't buy anything else. And incase you adults love it so much you want to keep it, Sorry parents - this ones for the kids so adults keep off!

Hours of hours of fun for the kids which will also keep them active at the same time.


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